Somatic Coaching

menstrual coaching
menstrual coaching

Do you yearn for a space in which to hear yourself think, to drop down into your body to hear what it has to say to you? 

Do your mind and body call to you in dreams and inklings, by symptoms and sleeplessness? Do you have big themes and possibilities that have yet to materialise? Does it feel that the context in which you live might not be big enough for who you are in your most expansive state?  

Conversations that matter connect you to deeper, wiser parts of yourself so you develop confidence in the guidance that is uniquely available to you. 

Old conditioning and beliefs, that can keep us in familiar mental structures, drop away and leave us energised and moving in the direction and expression of our essential selves. 

We access the next steps to make our needed and just right contribution in the world within the relational field of co-creative collaboration. 

When each of us sits in our natural place life falls into place, we move with elegance, grace and timeliness, life unfolds around us without force or indecision.  

If you are ready to ask what is really true for you, to be part of the shift towards a new paradigm, to bring your gifts to the world, at whatever scale, I invite you to contact me for a no-charge conversation where we can discover what your starting point is, where you might like to go and what might be stopping you.   

I work in person, on Zoom or by phone. Be in touch and let’s have a chat to see if it is a fit for you. If it is, I charge £45 for a first call and thereafter, £70 for a one off or £180 for a block of three at £60 each.  

Powys prices: if you live locally please email me for charges for one-to-one, group work or talks.  

Email me here so we can connect.  

Much love. 

Having a conversation with Amanda is like the shakti universal source power preparing you the perfect cup of a delicious tea, aromatic, tasty and with honey on a cold and rainy day. Her gift for understanding is huge and she has magical intuition that mixed with the best empathy is like a healing cocktail. I feel so grateful having her next to me as a coach.

Marta Marse Vidri Anthropologist, Yoga & Tao Teacher, Ioga Femeni creator, Women’s health, vitality & wellbeing researcher, Barcelona