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Menopause Coaching
Menopause Coaching



Whatever brings you to work with me sessions will be some combination of conversation, integration of the mind and body intelligence and a dance with want wants to be realised.

We start where you are, with what it is you deeply desire and create a container for your own insight and knowing to show itself.

As vitality is released from places holding as yet unrealised potential the pathway to real world results unfolds step by step.

This can be a useful process for those who have lots of understanding from psychotherapy and who now want to make material changes in their lives.

Whether as a backdrop or the centre of your intention, I love to work with women to bring the intelligence of the cycle to bear on their lives, wherever they are on the menstrual continuum. This may be to unpack areas of challenge or to investigate the relationship with vitality, clarity, creativity, purpose and joy. This includes those who may no longer bleed but are curious about releasing energy from their past cycles to free it up in the present.

There is a deeply transformative element to this work as we tune into the relational field of feminine wisdom to restore integrity and balance to the whole in all areas of your life.

If you are ready to lean into the magic please explore my offerings…