This is a wonderful and rich means of going deeper into the wisdom and energetics of your menstrual or life cycle. We can work with it in person or online via Zoom.

With a clear intention or inquiry in place I invite you to imagine and step into the centre of your cycle.

From this viewpoint you are likely to be drawn to a particular part of the cycle in which there is guidance for you. This can be in the form of images or memories, physical sensation or insight which we sit with as they both reveal and heal anything held around your intention. 

This sounds simple, and it is, but in my experience always brings forth something you already knew but hadn’t brought into consciousness as it accesses your deeper knowing, the intelligence of your cycle and larger arc of your life. 

It’s always pertinent and releases energy in the area of your life you look at. Shifts start to occur and changes unfold, often in profound ways.

We can use this work in relation to your menstrual cycle, peri/menopause or in coaching.

You can bring any area of your life to this process, whether it is your health, creativity, career or relationship, past, present or future.

Drop me a line if you are curious and want to know more or are ready to book a session.