This is the practice of observation, noticing the headlines of each day of your cycle to gain a familiarity with the flow of energy for you, physically and emotionally. This brings the feedback aspect of the cycle into focus.

You discover when you are deeply tired, wired, happy or sad, when arguments flare, when you feel most dispirited or inspired.

You’ll be more conscious of how your lifestyle and intentions create your experience and, understanding that the body always seeks to come back to balance, find kindness and intimacy in fine-tuning this collaboration with your cycle.

You’ll be more able to read its messages and, responsive rather than reactive, you’ll nourish yourself, your relationships and your life.

While this is entirely beneficial for someone whose cycle is already easy it can also be enough to shift the dynamics of any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Start today! You can bring your discoveries to a session and we can deepen into the understanding of them and into the natural ebb and flow of your life.

We can use this work in relation to your menstrual cycle, peri/menopause or in coaching.

Any area of your life whether it is your health, creativity, career or relationship, past, present or future will be clarified by your intentionality with your cycle.

Drop me a line if you are curious and want to know more or are ready to book a session.