Menstrual Conversations

menstrual coaching
menstrual coaching

You may be in pain, have long periods, heavy periods, no period, bad PMT, fibroids or a nagging feeling that you are not quite on the mark of your life…

Your cycle might be fine but you may wonder how you can dance with it more effectively at work or in your creative life. You may have heard the call of it’s deeper wisdom. You may want to bring a particular situation or intention to work with.

The cycle is both profound and practical. It can help organise your domestic arrangements or your social life, it can bring you cosmic downloads of guidance, insight and love.

You may want just to open a conversation you can’t have with your friends or your doctor. This can be enough to reframe things or give you an avenue or two to explore.

We can also look at your direct experience through the lens of Menstrual Cycle Awareness and use a Medicine Circle to dive deeper into the unique wisdom your cycle holds for you when you slow down and are open to insight.

Depending on your focus, we might work with one idea or a deep process of discovery. This can be a moment’s insight, it can be a series of course corrections over a period of time.The intention is to come to a place of ease and inspiration with your own life and process.

I invite you to contact me for a no-charge conversation where we can discover what your starting point is, where you might like to go and what might be stopping you.  

I work in person, on Zoom or by phone. Be in touch and let’s have a chat to see if it is a fit for you. If it is, I charge £45 for a first call and thereafter, £70 for a one off or £180 for a block of three at £60 each. 

Powys prices: if you live locally please email me for charges for one-to-one or group work.

Email me here so we can connect.

Much love.

I felt so supported, nurtured and nourished by Amanda's beautiful guidance. 

We've had two sessions together and both have been amazing. Today we did a Medicine Circle. I came into the session frazzled from the day with my five year old. Amanda immediately created a safe space for me to be and name the tensions in my life. As we moved into the circle, I felt even more supported to discover whatever was there for me. There were clear messages and actions for me which affirmed my own sense of knowing but which felt rooted and right whereas before I'd been holding it as 'something wrong' that I'd been feeling that. In the circle space it all became clear and positive for my life. There's key areas for me to be curious about now and I feel supported to do that. 

I can't thank Amanda enough. I was upset, disconnected and blaming myself as I came to the session. I leave feeling deeply connected to myself and in alignment. Amanda's insightful direction and naming has opened up so much for me and I'm curious what else will unfold over the next few days and weeks. It feels pivotal. 

I'm so deeply grateful that Amanda gracefully held the space as my son interrupted us twice. With her presence I was then able to go even deeper. I feel blessed to have had this time with Amanda. 

Samantha Rock Cooper Healer & Transformative Life Coach - Bristol, England

Our conversations were so useful. Your insight about talking to my fibroids activated a curiosity in me. The curiosity of ‘could this be true?’. Hmmm, maybe all of the phases of my cycle do correspond to my varying levels of creativity and aliveness? And I found it to be quite ‘coincidental’ that subsequent moments of creative/energetic bursts actually bought my period back after six months and they have been regular since. 

Ailime Durant Leadership & Kiteboarding Coach, Crossfit Trainer – Chicago, USA