I wrote about the practicalities of hot flushes in my last post. With those under your belt you can start to treat them like a yoga pose.

Susan Weed describes them as waves of energy that free your feelings and stir your spirit. If you can steady yourself when you feel the heat rising and appreciate it as a process that cleanses, heals and reveals it is easier to breath through the intensity and back into the cool of your normality.

This transition is towards a more powerful incarnation of yourself, one freed from old stories and conditioning. I like to imagine hot flushes as nascent power showing itself to clear out those stories and make space for that which is brewing.

There is a great reframing happening around peri/menopause. We can work together to create a healthy container for your experience in which you can harvest the benefits of this wonderful transition.

 You can bring any area of your life to this process, whether it is your health, creativity, career or relationship, past, present or future.

 Drop me a line if you are curious and want to know more or are ready to book a session.