A German friend, told me how much she would love to have a family. She is 49 and if she hadn’t heard me speak about menopause she would have been in a spin when she started to feel the heat. This is such a direct expression, a relief from the comedic device of hot flushes.

A flush does describe well the way the heat rises in one’s system, sometimes necessitating immediate removal of any sweater so quickly, you look round and wonder when you took it off. In due course, the heat dissipates, you cool down, back on with the sweater.

I recommend layers and cardigans, obviously gorgeous ones, not anything that might confirm a decline into frumpy invisibledom. Resting your hand or face on a cool surface shifts the experience too. Why do I imagine being found with my forehead pressed to a marble pastry board – perhaps the relief of humour is more than valid. It’s also worth being able to tie long hair up in some way. I was all for cutting mine off when a sweet hairdresser suggested simply sleeping with it away from my neck.

There is a great reframing happening around peri/menopause. We can work together to create a healthy container for your experience in which you can harvest the benefits of this wonderful transition.

You can bring any area of your life to this process, whether it is your health, creativity, career or relationship, past, present or future.

Drop me a line if you are curious and want to know more or are ready to book a session.