I am a transformational coach, menstrual mentor and yoga teacher with a background in bodywork and healing for over twenty-five years.


I want to open up the conversation around menstruality because of the unnecessary struggles many women face when it’s not spoken of and for the insights and gifts readily available when we are aware of them.


It is a joy to see a woman’s face light up when she realises the implication of being in tune with her own rhythms and imperatives and how to hold these in an everyday world.


It’s not always easy but these are initiatory processes that grow and mature in us over time. 


My own challenge was a three week cycle that left me regularly tired and anaemic. The doctor’s only solution was to take the pill which didn’t suit me. In peri-menopause, my cycle became more erratic and heavy and I fell into something of a hole before I understood this was a natural part of the transition to menopause.


The peri/menopausal journey gave me energy, motivation and vision to pursue this work, to believe that the more women are connected to themselves, the more connected they are to life in a way that ultimately brings them and all their relationships into greater authenticity and integrity. 


The other women on this page are my grandmother and great great aunt. Many of our experiences are handed through the ancestral line and can also be made good by the work we do to integrate them in this generation.


I study with Dr Claire Zammit on the transformational Feminine Power Coaching and Leadership courses. Alexandra Pope, menstrual pioneer and founder of Red School has been a great inspiration. I have been privileged to assist on many of her courses, mentor on the Red School forums and as such be one of the first to practice the Menstrual Medicine Circle she developed.  Many other teachers, writers and practitioners have influenced my practice for which I am wholly grateful.